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The 5* Boutique Hotel Micra Anglia, ex-residence of Andreas Embiricos, located in the town of Andros is one of the most unique accommodation suggestions. Its story takes the visitor to the past through the stately aesthetics without depriving the modern comforts and luxuries. Rare decorative objects, romantic design, wood, oak floors, atmospheric lighting and expensive fabrics suggest a residence converted into a lifetime experience.

Micra Anglia is situated in heart of the town. From here you can wander around the adjacent neoclassical houses, paved streets and Venetian mansions. At the entrance of the town you will see the “Theofilos Kairis” central square; where you will enjoy your coffee and the traditional almond cakes from local patisseries! Indulge in the magnificent views of the landscapes, the history of the Castle and in the beauty of this island.

  • Address Andros island Greece 84500
    Andros Village, Cyclades,
    M. I. Goulandri 13

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